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Posted on September 28, 2011 at 12:05 AM

The pups are  9 days old today and are making remarkable progress! Hermione [9] and Lucky [7] were the first to try to walk yesterday! Until then, the puppies pulled themselves around using front legs only. As of 9/26, all have DOUBLED their birth weight! I think Dana's method of what he calls Plug 'n Play has really made a difference. Let me explain. So we have 9 puppies and 8 feeding stations. Usually what happens is a puppy will attach to a station and gets a meal or a snack through a series of pulls, tugs and jerks -- it's quite an aeorbic activity! Eventually, he or she tires out and sometimes remains attached. Dana notices who is sleeping and un-hooks him/her and offers the feeding opportunity to someone else. Only when NO ONE else is interested in eating does Dana go to bed. He's also repeated the process a time or two during the night !

The other new puppy change today is noise. Someone is testing out his/her vocal cords and it sounds more like barking rather than mewing! So cute!

Eyes should be opening somewhere between day 10 and 18. We will post new pics of all puppies at that time!

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